Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust

Having been successful in their approach to the National Lottery, the museum is being expanded and updated. Part of the funding includes an outreach programme into local communities in the Leicestershire area, supported by the two professional museum staff.

The Museum staff will provide their professional skills to help promote the use of all three mobile belfries, and all portable mini-rings throughout the UK and further afield if the business plan develops that way. This will include assisting with the design of the display material, the monitoring of outcomes and the preparation and publication of case studies on good practice.  Support will also include providing material to use schools, including the lesson plans developed CCCBR Schools and Youth Workgroup to help schoolteachers to enrich the curriculum. This will help extend the outreach of the museum beyond the Leicestershire area and help highlight its national significance.

Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust

ART has committed to being an early investor in the project, which is very welcome.

ART is also keen to assist with the production of professionally designed and branded display material, promoting Learning the Ropes and Discover Bellringing. This includes roller banners and a series of attractive leaflets designed to appeal to different audience groups, such as young people, and adult trainees. This material will be available to all those using portable mini-rings and mobile belfries. It will also be widely available for others to use in displays, such as at the back of churches, or for tower open days post pandemic.

There will be no compulsion to use these materials, but by promoting the Discover Bellringing website and Learning the Ropes, the aim is to maximise both take up and the retention rate afterwards.

Association of Ringing Teachers

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