Capital cost

Mobile Belfry 2.0 will have cost around £55,000 to build, although the trailer element has not been completed yet. The donation of the bells and fittings brought the cost down to about £30,000.
As with the existing mobile belfries, hire fees will be set to make the operation self-financing, after the initial capital costs have been met.
A Crowdfunding campaign finished in August 2022 and raised just under £10,000 from individual ringers. Other donations were made directly by individuals and associations taking the total amount raised to £18,000.
The Council itself has committed a grant of £7,000 to the project, leaving £5,000 still to find.

Individual donations

The Central Council would still be delighted to hear from anyone who is interested in making a donation to this project. If you would like to discuss it further please get in touch with Simon Linford

Funding beyond the current shortfall will go to improve the ring and its portability, but then will be held by the Trust to assist in subsidising the transport costs to events, or paying for the transport to events that do not have a third party hirer paying, such as a trip to a curriculum fair or festival.

The incentives given as part of the Crowdfunder campaign are still available.
£2000 – Sponsorship of individual bells (see below)
£250 – Free day’s hire for your event (excluding transport cost)
£25 – Your name inscribed on the plaque on the frame

Sponsorship of individual bells
The bells can carry inscriptions, and the cost of sponsoring one of the bells and having it inscribed was set at £2,000. One of the bells will carry the name of the Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust, while three of the other bells have already been spoken for, two by individuals and one by an Association

In addition to the names on the bells, the names of these sponsors will also be put on a plaque on the frame.


Mobile Belfry 2.0 is going to be owned and operated from a new trust, rather than owned by the Council. Funds received by the Council will be given to this trust. This would have a group of Trustees and a remit to develop use of this and other mobile belfries in the support of ringing throughout the UK mainland

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