The Bells

The design of the bells is the result of extensive research and modelling by Taylors. They need to be thick enough to sound like real bells but not too thick that they will accentuate the higher frequencies. And of course in order that the entire installation didn’t exceed our target weight of 1800kg.

Bell frequencies

This analysis of mini ring bell sizes and frequencies of bells in different small rings was part of the design process. The bells are actually Taylors’ patent carillon design but tuned much lower and therefore thinner.

Michael Wilby tapping the bells

Final details of the bells

Bell No.Diam. (inch)Diam. (mm)Weight qtrWeight lbWeight kgNoteFreq
Bells at Taylors
Roger Booth with the back five bells
The inside of a bell
Inside one of the bells
Hanging a bell
Phil Gay with Mike Semken at Taylors

The picture below shows the tenor bell in the frame set up in Taylors’ workshops.

The tenor bell in the frame
The tenor bell in the frame

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